Lincoln County Kentucky 4-H

Who Can Join 4-H?

Anyone from 9 to 19 can join 4-H.  Some counties have younger children involved in Cloverbud activities.  When 4-H began a hundred years ago, almost everyone lived on a farm.  That's not true anymore.   4-H happens wherever kids live--in large cities, small towns, in rural areas, on farms, and even on military bases.


What do Kids do in 4-H?

It's up to you.  You can go to camp, learn to shop wisely, give a demonstration, give a speech, cure a ham, or conquer an obstacle course.  You can perform in a skit, make a birdhouse, start a business, learn about electricity, learn to sew, raise an animal, or protect the environment.

In 4-H you will be working with other young people toward common goals and if you wish, teaching younger kids.  You can build your 4-H activities around your own talents and interests.








Lincoln County 4-H Long Shots Shooting Sports Club

4-H Enrollment Form
4-H Volunteers should contact our office for Volunteer Packet which includes a background check.

For more information on any of these events, please contact the Lincoln County Extension Office at (606) 365-2447.


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